New CraftsyByrd

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Hello, Friends!  CraftsyByrd replaces PaperCardSmores!  Yup, it IS still me, Maria Byrd, just a different blog name.  Why the change?  Well, being at my age, I tend to be forgetful sometimes and... CraftsyByrd is so MUCH easier (for me & you) to remember!  Plus, the new name results in a shorter URL (even with that blogspot tail), has only 3 syllables, and sounds like craft-SEE-bird! 😂

Home Cooked Meal for Fuzzball

DIY Homemade Dog Food Chicken and Rice
Happy mother's day to all mothers including those of us with fur babies! 💕  As a child, I remember watching my mother boil a big batch of chicken with white rice, carrots and potatoes in a large stockpot.  When all the ingredients were cooked, she would separate it into two portions:  one for our two dogs and the other for us.  Yes, we ate the same home-cooked meal except for one difference... ours were seasoned.