Change from PaperCardSmores to CraftsyByrd

CraftsyByrd | formerly PaperCardSmore | By Maria Byrd

Hello, Friends!  CraftsyByrd replaces PaperCardSmores!  Yup, it is still me, Maria Byrd, just a different blog name.  Why the change?  Well, being at my age, I tend to be forgetful sometimes and... CraftsyByrd is so MUCH easier (for me & you) to remember!  Plus, the new name results in a shorter URL (even with that blogspot tail), has only 3 syllables, and sounds like craft-SEE-bird! 😂

Anyway, as a DIY person, I'm basically figuring this out myself (e.g. code, graphics, stuff).  So, I ask for your patience as you come across a lot of 404 messages and see design rearrangements during this transition and as I transfer things (e.g. Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin, RSS, FeedBurner) from the old profile to the new CraftsyByrd.

[Update 06/04/2017:  The old now automatically redirects to the new site. Woohoo! 🎆 ]

Since Instagram photos cannot be changed, photos with old URL will be floating online for eternity.  Ah, maybe I'll re-post them in the future.  I'll most likely share some blogger tips I've learned from a bunch of trial and error.

Thank you for visiting and do come back soon!

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