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Homemade Chicken Recipe for Dog by Maria Byrd | CraftsyByrd.blogspot.com

Happy mother's day to all mothers including those of us with fur babies! 💕  As a child, I remember watching my mother boil a big batch of chicken with white rice, carrots and potatoes in a large stockpot.  When all the ingredients were cooked, she would separate it into two portions:  one for our two dogs and the other for us.  Yes, we ate the same home-cooked meal except for one difference... ours were seasoned.

For our portion, my mother would sauté onion, garlic, and ginger in vegetable oil.  Then she would pour in the cooked chicken mix, season it with salt and pepper, and lastly, garnish with freshly chopped green onions and parsley.  I don’t really remember her measuring anything.  So, if there was enough liquid or broth in it, then it would be a chicken soup.  She was a working mother, so her kitchen technique was both cost-effective and time efficient.  This would be our meal for the next 2-3 days as well for our pets.

From this memory, I recently made the same dish for my fur baby (a.k.a. Fuzzball) after getting discouraged from buying canned food for him.  Basically, I kept getting a bad batch of canned dog food regardless if I purchased it online or in a store from two national pet food retailers.  So, I decided to cook a homemade dish for him (and maybe a cup of chicken soup for me) as a temporary alternative.  Please note that I don't feed this to Fuzzball all the time but just in moderation and alternate it with other wet dog food.  As with humans, consuming starch from rice too often especially on consecutive feedings can make it hard for him to go potty.

The following recipe is for a small portion since Fuzzball only weighs between 12-13 pounds.  Also, we have a small freezer so I store the remainder in a glass bowl in the refrigerator.  Depending on how much liquid you put in, the ingredients will absorb it overnight so the food will turn sticky.  Sometimes I add a bit of water before I warm it in the microwave for a few seconds.  I then let it cool while we play with his toy as he works up an appetite.

2-3 pieces of Chicken Thighs with skin (or one Chicken Breast)
7.5-8 cups of water (start with 7 cups and add the rest gradually as needed)
3/4 cup of uncooked white rice
1/2 cup of frozen peas
1 medium sweet potato, peeled and cubed
1 medium potato, peeled and cubed
1 carrot, peeled and cubed

Bring chicken to a boil in a stockpot and remove any impurities (or brown foam).  Add the remaining ingredients and continue to boil in medium heat until when rice is soft.  Stir constantly to prevent rice from sticking on the bottom of pot.  Turn down heat and simmer until all the vegetables are cooked.  Remove from heat.  Separate the chicken, remove the bones and cartilage, and cut the meat into cubes.  Put back the chicken into the rice mix and cool.

Please remember that onion, garlic, and salt are toxic to dogs, so do NOT add these items or other herbs or seasoning.  Also, check with your veterinarian first to find out if your pet is allergic to any of the ingredients.  Dogs go by smell and my Fuzzball loves the smell of boiled chicken!

Thank you for visiting and do come back soon!

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