How to Redirect Custom Domain Purchased from Google Domain to Blogger URL

Redirect Domain to Blogger

Happy Sunday! This afternoon, I'll be sharing my experience with redirecting custom domain - purchased from Google Domain - to an existing Blogger. Ever since I started a blog a few months ago, I've been playing with default and pre-purchased templates alike.  Though I always find there are features I wanted to add or replace.

You are probably wondering why don't I just forward my Blogger to a custom domain.  Well, remember the "Claimed" episode from Season 4 of The Walking Dead?  It was where a group would shout "claim" if they want to stake a claim on goods.  Claim!  Mostly, I just like to have an option of a direct .com URL to my blog if it becomes a pain to type that .blogspot tail.

Good Deal for .com Domain 
As most of you, I'm pretty sure you appreciate a good deal as much as I do where you get more for less.  This is the main reason why I purchased a domain with .com TLD for $12 USD per year from Google Domain and also (as I was hoping for) integration with Blogger would be simpler since both are Google products.

When I purchased my domain, Google Domain's price for initial purchase and renewals are the same regardless of how many years you sign up for and there's no extra cost of keeping your registration private (e.g. your name, address, and other contact information). Sometimes, an everyday low price beats a temporary sale or use of coupons in the long term... this is one of those times!

Another feature I love about Google Domain is the Free Email Forwarding (I prefer this option than paying $5 per month for Custom email with G Suite).  You can forward up to 100 email addresses @ your new domain to existing email addresses.  For example: You can create email address and have it automatically forwarded to your private email address such as

Easy Domain Forwarding
Google Domain makes it easy to forward your custom domain to your Blogger site which is a better way than forwarding it through Blogger.  Blogger will only redirect from a domain with URL that includes www (e.g. So, if someone just types instead of, then it will return as a 404 error. Web forwarding from Google Domain handles both AND URLs.   Just follow the simple instructions provided by Google.

That's it!

Please note that I'm not a programmer and thus unable to answer any technical questions you may have.  I'm just sharing what I've learned from my own limited experience with blogging in hopes that you may find some helpful tips for your own Blogger or Blogspot blog.

Thank you for visiting and do come back soon!

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