Challenge List

Here's a list of Card Challenges I participate from time to time that may interest you.  Challenge winners are selected objectively (random winner) and/or subjectively (chosen by Design Team or "DT"). They're usually open to ALL levels including newbies and seasoned DTs unless otherwise noted.

A few offer prizes (e.g. gift certificate or freebies), but mostly are "just for fun" and bragging rights with the privilege of displaying a "badge" on your blog. Join them to help spark your creativity and/or feed that competitive kid in you! Most importantly -- DO ENJOY and HAVE FUN! 

Please note that this list is NOT updated periodically, so do check each linked site for current challenge rules, due dates (i.e. differing time zones), updates/changes, and other details.

Edited: 02/28/2021

Due Monday

Due Tuesday

Due Wednesday

Due Thursday

Due Friday

Due Sunday



The challenges listed above usually require creating a handmade card using hand stamps (e.g. clear, acrylic, etc.) with cardmaking tools (e.g. heat gun, die-cutting machine, etc.). However, there are also numerous challenges for digital stamps that can be found in Blogger.

If you visit the blogs of some participants, look at what other sites they're submitting their cards to. After all, that's how I've compiled my list! 😉

Thank you for visiting and come back soon!

Maria Byrd